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About Robb Scott
Robb began drawing in October, 2000. He was 25, flat broke but full of enthusiasm. He knew nothing about art and even less about selling. But he was confident somehow people would flock to see his drawings. 

Fast forward three years. He remained flat broke and no one was flocking to see his drawings. Reality set in and it become more difficult to remain enthusiastic. At this point he realized talent alone wasn't enough. If he were to survive he had to work harder and become more resilient.

So he began doing whatever it took to succeed. He sold art to tourists on the Halifax waterfront. He sold art door to door, at trade shows, in parks, at restaurants and on street corners. Wherever there was an audience he was somewhere close by. 

Nine years into his career he was still flat broke. However, important lessons were learned and a strong foundation was being built. He was ready for preparation to meet opportunity. That opportunity arrived in 2009 when he created the official drawing of legendary race horse Somebeachsomewhere.  

A even bigger opportunity followed. Robb Scott became the first Canadian artist ever authorized to work with Sidney Crosby. That opened the door to his current project with Michael Jordan and an upcoming contract with Bobby Orr. Finally, he'd reached his goal of becoming a full time artist.

Robb appreciates the lessons he's learned from the successes and failures in his career. Most importantly he's learned to care about the people who've helped him along the way. Family, friends and customers alike.
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