Art lessons
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 Art lessons

How to draw. How to sell art. Art lessons and tutorials.
"Truly unique art lessons and advice"

Through my free art lessons I teach you how to draw and how to sell art. My goal is to help you turn your hobby into a career! With hard work, creativity and determination you will be more than a "starving artist". Feel free to contact me with any questions.

1.) art lessons and drawing tutorials.
how to draw with this detailed step by step instruction.

2.) how to sell art - art and business and marketing articles.
how to sell art on a shoe string budget.

3.) design and create your own mural.
how to design a mural. View images and list of supplies needed.

4.) Art links
We offer aspiring artists links to other worldwide
art resources such as galleries, pencil artists and lessons for the beginner to the advanced.

Nova Scotia artist Robb Scott
2221 Lilyvale Road
Greenfield, NS
B6L 3T9
All images copyright 2001-2008 Robb Scott ©

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Drawing tutorials

Art resources

How to design a mural

Business marketing advice

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