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Drawing lessons - Drawing tutorial 

Learn to draw anything with drawing lessons by Robb Scott. Drawing is not a gift bestowed on the few, it's a talent given to us all and readily available for use with practice. Follow these step by step drawing lessons and watch your talent blossom. If you have a drawing lesson request, a question or idea, please feel free to contact Robb. Check back often for new updates!


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drawing tutorial

Drawing lessons

How to draw portraits

How to draw buildings

How to draw horses

How to create a mural


drawing lessons


Pencils - 5B, 3B, 2B, B, F, H, 2H, 4H
Erasers - putty eraser, retractable eraser
Drawing paper  - (min.) 100lb drawing paper
Blending instruments - kleenex, q-tip, blending stump
Rulers - (min.) 15" ruler length
Fixative spray - for protecting your finished product



learn how to draw

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Nova Scotia Artist Robb Scott
Contact: artist@www.robbscottdrawings.com
Greenfield, NS
All images copyright 2001-2009 Robb Scott ©

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