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 How to sell art

Learn how to sell art on a shoe string budget
"online and offline marketing ideas for artists"

Want to learn how to sell your art and make a living from your passion? Robb Scott offers effective online and offline marketing ideas designed to help you build a following, raise your profile and put money in your pocket. You don't need a large marketing buget you just need to be creative. Learn how to sell your art with these great articles by art and business columnist Robb Scott.

Learn how to sell your art

  1. There's power in numbers - Learn why it can be helpful to surround yourself with other artistically driven people and pool your resources.

  2. Fundraising Ideas - We all need money to continue to grow. Find out how and where to tap the resources of art grants, business loans, and sponsorship.

  3. Preparing for a solo exhibit - Learn how to gain media attention, grow your fan base and sell your art on a minimum budget.

  4. Networking for the future - Learn why networking is so important for the growth of your business.

  5. Optimizing your site for SEO - Your website is a critical part of your success. Once you understand how to build your site, you'll greatly increase your odds of success without spending valuable marketing dollars.

  6. Free marketing opportunities - Learn why giving away your skills, and your art, will help you grow. To give truly is too receive.

  7. Learn how to price your art - Don't sell yourself short. Get what your worth. Learn how to price your art and stick with the price you deserve.

  8. What is creativity - Where does creativity come from? Is it only for the few or can it be taught and learned by all. Here's my thoughts.

  9. Good customer service tips - Treat your customers right and they'll become your number one marketing tool. Here is some good customer service tips every artist should follow.

  10. Train your eyes to see - Drawing isn't about reproducing what you think you see, it's about drawing what is really there.

  11. Why are you a starving artist - Where did the starving artist come from? Who knows, but it's overrated.

Nova Scotia artist Robb Scott
2221 Lilyvale Road
Greenfield, NS
B6L 3T9
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