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I will never sell, rent or re-distribute your email to any third party without your expressed written consent to do so. Emails that are voluntarily obtained through my newsletter or contact form are never made public. If you have any further questions regarding our email privacy policy please contact Robb Scott.

Credit Card information
I accept all major credit card  and debit payments through PayPal. I do not personally handle or have access to credit card information. Paypal is an internationally respected company that provides multiple levels of security to keep your credit card information safe. Below is a brief description of the security measures Paypal uses to ensure your financial security.

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  1. Feel secure with powerful encryption - Information is automatically sent with a high level of data encryption.
  2. Stay vigilant with automatic email confirmation - To help safeguard you against identity theft, every Paypal payment if followed by an email confirming your transaction.
  3. Monitor your sensitive information -  Online Safety Essentials contains the Identity Protection Guide to help you avoid identity theft. You can also sign up for our free Equifax Credit Alert to warn you about possible identity theft.
  4. They also ensure you are buying safely with - Prevention to help stop fraud; Protection for your purchases.

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