There's power in numbers
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"Power in numbers"
How to sell art

In today’s economy, financing your own artistic endeavours can be downright difficult on a limited budget. Advertising costs, rental space and the myriad of other supplies needed add up quickly. If you find yourself in this position remember that there is power in numbers. Search out a handful of other artists to join you and put together one magnificent power packed show.

Probably the best reason to join forces with other artists is the increased visibility you’ll receive. A four person show (assuming each artist comes with their own fan base) with expose your talents to new faces and increase your exposure without the extra costs of advertising. Not only that, you’ll also have more man power to help get the word out. Another great reason is the overall savings to your wallet. You can slash your costs without sacrificing potential visitors. This is what they call bang for your buck.

There are downfalls to working within a group however if your not careful about whom you choose. Sometimes ego and jealousy get in the way of success. If you join up with an artist that isn’t a team player you need to recognize this as soon as possible and deal with it. The best way to find success within a group is to choose a leader and delegate jobs based on the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Once you’ve figured out whose suited for what role, let them get to work and get out of the way.

Joining other artists for an artistic event can be very rewarding for your career. You can increase your exposure and name recognition, save money and build contacts for the future. Treat your fellow artists as you would like to be treated. We’re all in this together. If you can give a hand out or are in a position to help others, than do so. Like wise, seek out those who can help you when you need advice or direction. This is the best way to climb the ladder of success more rapidly.

Robb Scott
Greenfield, NS
Articles copyright 2008-2009 Robb Scott ©

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