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"Fundraising Ideas for Artists"
How to sell art

Artists need working capital to maintain and grow their careers. Unfortunately most of us don’t have working capital readily available and must go hat in hand looking for the almighty dollar from those more fortunate. But where does this buried treasure lie? Is there a map to this golden booty we can follow? There sure is. Here are three mainstream options available to everyone.

The first is an art grant. Grants are available throughout each province as well as Canada wide. Generally you must be a professional artist and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada (as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada) to apply. The Canada Council for the Arts, the Nova Scotia Arts Council and the Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage are a few places you should try. Grants are great because you don’t have to pay the money back. The downside is the fierce competition, being that there are so few grants available for everyone.

Business loans are also a good option. Whether you need a micro-loan of $500 or more there are many options available. A solid realistic business plan and the willingness to research is what you’ll need to succeed. There are a variety of business centres across each province that will help guide you through the process. They’re advice is free and will benefit your business in the long run by providing you with a game plan to follow. The downside is that you have to pay the money back, with interest. Try ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) or your local business centre to get started.

The final option is Corporate sponsorship. This is a fancy sounding word which is more intimidating than it has to be. In its simplest form it’s asking for money from businesses with little or nothing in return. Often you might be asked to advertise their company on your website, at your event or elsewhere they might deem profitable. Some businesses are willing to support those who simply need a hand up without any strings attached. In fact many businesses set aside money in their yearly budget to support local talent. You’ll need to be a hustler, a natural salesman and have tough skin in order to succeed with sponsorship.

There are many ways to raise funds. Have fun with it, be creative and don’t give up.

Robb Scott
Greenfield, NS
Articles copyright 2008-2009 Robb Scott ©

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