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"Learn SEO and reap the rewards from your site"
How to sell art - (Article #4)


"If you build it they will come." This is the hope many of us have when we first throw open the virtual doors of our business. The unfortunate truth is simply building it does not mean they will come. In fact they won't come unless you build your website to be found. There are over 100 million sites competing for our attention and you're guaranteed thousands of competitors promoting a similar idea. The good news is most have little idea about good SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques as well.

So how do you climb atop the heap and land on the first page of Google? The three key factors for success include optimizing your text with keywords, updating the content of your site regularly and getting other websites to link to you. Let me explain further. Optimizing your site with keywords works like this; if you create oil paintings than you'll want to select keywords such as "oil paintings, painting, landscape paintings, etc." and build the text of your website around those words. This tells Google what your about and where to rank you with sites featuring similar keywords. After your site is live you'll want to update your content monthly by adding new art, information or products. New content tells Google you're remaining relevant to what their customers search for. Finally, Google loves a popularity contest and it chooses it's winners by finding out who links to who. If your site has a lot of incoming links they'll see that your popular within your community and will rank you accordingly.

By focusing on these three key ingredients you can begin to formulate a plan for success and move up the Google ladder. I strongly urge you to educate yourself further before jumping in and making costly mistakes however. Each of these key steps is a book within itself and youll  need more information that Ive provided to do it properly. I suggest purchasing a book about SEO (Search engine optimization) or reading up on the latest SEO blogs online. Ranking well is not difficult nor confusing if your willing to be patient. With the proper effort you could land on the first page of Google within six months of your website launching.

Robb Scott
Contact: artist@www.robbscottdrawings.com
Greenfield, NS
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