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About Nova Scotia artist Robb Scott

As a child growing up in Truro Nova Scotia, artist Robb Scott would sit for hours creating drawings as a way to entertain himself. His pencil danced with enthusiasm across the page and his talent was natural. He loved what he did but never could have guessed it would become his life's work.

"I always loved to draw when I was young. It was a fun way to spend my day. However, becoming a professional artist never crossed my mind. I don't ever recall dreaming of becoming the next Picasso or Salvador Dali."

At 34 years of age, Robb Scott is now a successful entrepreneur and among the most talented artist's in Nova Scotia. The road traveled to get there has been long, winding and full of adventures. Robb struggled with a decade long drug addiction that nearly destroyed him and his talents. By the age of 30 he had nothing left but a pencil. He finally found the strength to turn his life around.

"I had nothing and was going nowhere. I wanted more out of my life and I finally had enough. I knew I had talent but it was time to prove it to myself and my family."

He has garnered attention across North America for his amazingly detailed realistic pencil drawings. Robb is also a respected art and business columnist and art teacher in Nova Scotia whose been featured on CBC radio as a rising Canadian entrepreneur. The sky is the limit professionally for this Nova Scotian artist. However he would tell you his most impressive work of art is his family.

"My family means everything to me. I get my inspiration to succeed from them. I want to show my children that it's never too late to try."

Robb Scott still lives and works from his studio outside of Truro in Greenfield, Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia artist Robb Scott
2221 Lilyvale Road
Greenfield, NS
B6L 3T9
All images copyright 2001-2009 Robb Scott ©

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