What is creativity?
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"What is creativity"

As an ARTrepreneur creativity is essential to your success. Both from an artistic and business stand point. So what is creativity and how can you become more creative? Let’s start by understanding what creativity is. Creativity can be characterised as the ability to see the world in a unique and original way, to make connections between unrelated ideas or concepts and to put those ideas into action. In reality it’s a two part process; the act of thinking, and the act of doing. A few characteristics common among creative people are a combination of playfulness and discipline, being smart but also naive, tending to swing between introversion and extroversion and being independent or rebelliousness.


So are we are born creative or can it be learned? According to a study at Exeter University, creativity is learned. The idea that geniuses such as Shakespeare, Einstein and Mozart were `gifted' is a myth. We are all born with natural creativity but as we become older we loss that ability. The average adult generates 3-6 alternate solutions to a problem while the average child generates 60! Learning to be creative is like learning a sport. With practice and a supportive environment your creativity will flourish. No creatively gifted person reached a recognized
level of success without devoting thousands of hours of practise. Mozart trained for 16 years before producing an acknowledged classic.

So how can you become more creative? Creativity is a lifestyle change, not a 20 minute lesson. You’ll need to move out of your comfort zone and try new things. Most of us get stuck in a rut doing the same activities and only pursuing what we are good at. Read a book on a topic that you know nothing about. Learn a new language. Take a new route to work. If you are a painter, take a writing class. If you are a poet, try a music class. Good nutrition and regular exercise are also important to the creative process. The right and left hemispheres of the brain are able to work together more efficiently when the body is active and moving. Most of all remember that many of the great inventions or artwork of our time were initially dismissed as nonsense. Remove that judgemental voice from your head that tells you your ideas are foolish. Be fearless in your ability to think outside the box and don’t dismiss anything. When you do this your creativity will blossom. 

Robb Scott
Contact: artist@www.robbscottdrawings.com
Greenfield, NS
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