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"To give is to receive"
How to sell art

Giving freely of yourself without asking anything in return often returns more than you could have asked for. This is true not only in life, but also in business. Here are five great ways to practise the gift of giving. Follow them, and your business will grow faster than you could have imagined.

1.       Radio station promotion give-aways:

Radio stations know a lot about the art of giving. They routinely give away prizes in order to reward and retain their listeners. So where do these prizes come from? They come from people like you! Contact the head of promotions and ask to donate your art. The 30 seconds of mass exposure will be well worth your donation. 

2.       Volunteer your skills:

 Go into schools, community centres, workshops or other organizations that teach courses and ask to volunteer your talents. This is not only an effective way of spreading your name throughout the community, but it can also provide valuable feedback that can improve your abilities as an artist and business person. 

3.       Volunteer your knowledge:

Contact the editors of newspapers or online blogs and offer to write articles that teach others about your expertise. The return you’ll receive from of a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly column will be well worth the few hours it takes to write a column. This is a great way to tap into a large audience and build up name recognition.

4.       Donate to charities and auctions:

Give till it hurts. Properly targeted charities and auctions can serve multiple purposes. First, you’ll build your reputation as a community person who cares about others. That in it self will do wonders for your business. Secondly, you’ll ride the wave of free advertising that comes along with these events. Always try to attend the events if possible and bring your business cards as well.

5.       Give away promotional materials:

If you frequent craft shows, trade shows or other events where you sell your work, be sure to bring promotional materials. These items should not be expensive but they should include your contact information and website. Ideas could be postcards, key chains, magnets etc. Giving away an item to someone who hasn’t bought anything will create goodwill and give them a reason to talk about you to others.

Robb Scott
Greenfield, NS
Articles copyright 2008-2009 Robb Scott ©

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